Haven’t Tried Phyode W/Me Smart Wristband Yet? Check Out Why You Should!

Fitness teachers have become essential to keep a constant track of our health and fitness. To avoid any unpredictable accidents and failures, people now seek remote and easy-to-use products to get information anytime they want.

Among several Fitbit watches and mobile health tracking apps, Phyode’s W/Me Smart Wristband has now promised versatile characteristics to try. If you haven’t got one yet, here are the amazing advantages you should definitely not miss!

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What is W/Me Smart Wristband?

W/Me Smart Wristband is a smart fitness tracker watch launched by California’s startup company Phyode. Unlike the conventional trackers and pedometer watches, this new product aims to offer extensive facilities and mobile app connectivity to use in real-time. This watch is available in multiple colors on various global e-commerce platforms.

Advantages you shouldn’t miss!

A mobile-connected tracking band isn’t a great deal to find in the market. Then what makes the W/Me band different? The following are the advantages of these unique bands.

·        Bluetooth connectivity

Do all fitness watches connect to mobiles? Obviously not! But W/Me can easily connect with mobiles phones having the iOS system through Bluetooth. Though Android applications and wide-range Wi-Fi connectivity still lag, the watch is well-trained to synchronize with the app for prominent small distance measurements and notifications.

  • Tracks autonomic nervous system

The watch has an AgCl sensor on the bottom of the band, touching the wrist to detect our pulse and vitals. The sensor prominently focuses on monitoring the autonomic nervous system, which subconsciously governs many bodily functions.

The tracker analyzes both the physical and mental state of our body, along with real-time functions of several internal organs to categorize our condition in one of the four categories. They are passive, excitable, pessimistic, and anxious. Of course, our age and BMI are also considered before declaring a single category.

·        Comfortable wear to fit all hands

The band isn’t a tight strapped watch but is a bracelet model to stick to the wrist. It is quick and easy to remove and wear and doesn’t even feel sweaty around the wrist. The designers recommend wearing these battery-driven watches for long hours in a day to get accurate results and comprehensive analysis.

·        The device can be used in multiple modes

The connected W/Me app on our mobiles shows various modes to use the tracker with varied features and applications. Demos and tutorials are provided to follow the operations instantly.

You can use measure mode to monitor different health vitals, coaching mode to practice guided meditation with the app, and guest mode to share the band with your friends. Essentially the app stores your height, weight, and age, due to which you need to provide details in guest mode.

multiple modes

·        Personal information manager is included too!

This wristband isn’t solely a fitness tracker, as busy users can also avail themselves of the benefit of having a notifying personal information manager on their hand. The app connected to the watch can buzz for emails, messages, notifications, or missed calls to alert you without looking into the screen. It is a perfect partner if you are busy traveling or are in a serious conference.

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