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At Phyode, we whole heatedly believe that digital products should play a role in enhancing the human lifestyle. That's why we create a wearable device that can keep you physically and mentally healthy.

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Over the past year, our team has come together with an important mission. We want to revolutionize the industry by designing devices that are more than just gadgets; we want to make devices to improve your lifestyle.


Our team comes from a very unique background. Many of us are veterans of the consumer electronics industry with extensive experience in manufacturing and design. Our team members have designed many of the mobile devices you have come to appreciate over the last decade.

W/Me is now available for pre-order on Celery

digital products to enhancing the human lifestyle


Ergonomics is high on our priority list. The patented crescent band was designed for a snug and comfortable fit, for any situation especially when typing.


The W/Me wristband incorporates a medical-grade sensor that works with your smartphone to keep you physically and mentally healthy.


To make things right, we make things simple and intuitive. Monitor your health with life spectrum analyzer.

Happy Reviews


Juan D. Howard

"Phycode's instructions are the most elucidating and vivid to help use the fitness watches to their greatest extent. "

Lisa N. Durham

"Their devices are the best to use at any time to track your health vitals. You can even connect them to mobile or use them in a swimming pool!"

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